Our Farm

The Story of our Family Farm

“Anglo Acres has been in the family for two generations. This is where I was born and grew to love farming. It is also where I wanted to raise my children so, in 2004, my partner Frank Boyle and I bought the farm from my parents. We were conscious from the beginning of the importance of diversifying, so the idea of a farm store made sense. In 2015, Boutique Bon Boeuf was officially opened. What an exciting adventure!”

– Chantal Agnew

Chantal Agnew

Chantal Agnew


Frank Boyle

Frank Boyle


Naturally Raised Beef

We raise 55 Angus cross cattle. Of the cows that we calve every year, a select portion of the female calves are raised as replacements, some are sold as baby beef and the rest are fattened as beef.

We have been using artificial insemination from the beginning, as did my father as of the 80’s. This allows us to choose the sire for every cow and ensure the genetic quality of the herd. We can select for certain traits such as docility, maternal milk and weight gain, as well as for meat tenderness.

The cattle have access to the outdoors at all times. From mid-spring to fall, the cows and their calves (baby beef) graze in pasture, and are fed quality forages and corn silage that we grow ourselves. The feeder cattle are fed a ration of quality forages and corn silage and are not supplemented with grain. The feed for all the animals does not contain any GMOs nor antibiotics. Since we believe in raising our animals as naturally as possible, they are not implanted with hormones, allowing them to grow as nature intended.

Our Meat

We offer several different cuts of beef and baby beef as well as 100% beef sausages.

What’s the difference between beef and baby beef?

Beef is raised to its mature body weight and is approximately 16 to 22 months of age. The meat is dry aged 21 days to enhance its flavor and tenderness. Baby beef is 7 to 8 months of age and has just been weaned from its mother. Because the animals are younger, the meat comes in smaller cuts, has a milder taste and is more tender. It is aged 14 to 21 days.

The animals are processed at a provincial, certified and inspected facility, where the meat is aged in a climate-controlled cooler. All the meat is cut, vacuum packed and then frozen in the same facility.

We offer individual cuts as well as family packages and ¼ or ½ beef.

Our meat is available at the farm store. We also offer online ordering and home delivery.